“Organize the industry cleaning methodology and make it relevant accessible and useful.”


Since opening our doors for business back in 2005, HYCO Building Maintenance-Office Cleaning has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. That’s largely because of our concerted effort to deepen the connections we have within the Houston community and to continuously improve the personalized services we provide. Our owner have adopted where mose cleaners have learned how to clean maybe from home or there precious Grandmother which mean out of 96 employees we have we probably have 96 ways to which is recipe for disaster. Hyco philosophy we have only ONE way to mop ONE way to clean One way respond to complaints. HYCO driving element is to ensure that you experience clean and safe healthy work environment by providing proactive building measurements goals. That's one of many reasons we not only listen to our customers but also to our employees as well. Our Cleaning Programs have been proven tested to be reliable, eliminate if any all complaints, helps you cut costs, finds ways save you money on janitorial, and enjoying true and real relationship. We are working to deliver just what we promise! We don't just come in and give you a simple basic cleaning but a more lasting durable cleaning service. Our 1st priority is to invest time in our cleaning staff with more motivating safety and cleaning training and employee network. We allow our cleaning staff number one priority is our customer (client). This approach going on 8 years we have not had to fire staff partner or be served a cancellation of service which is unheard of in this industry thanks to our loyal customers and dedicated wonderful cleaning techs. We will continue to make Texas Number 1 Cleaning Company to Partner with.

The Green Approach to sustainable buildings provides multi-tier level benefits that guarantee thousands of dollars in measurable savings per year.*

As a building owner your facility will experience

  • Experience Solutions Implementation to Avoid Repetitive Problems

  • We use latest technology to continue raise our level of service,

  • Option for Complete Green Sustainability Cleaning.

  • Lower utility demands.

  • Improve air quality of life.

  • Healthier Clean Restrooms with 150 psi ozone cleaning machine

  • Constantly Removal Bacteria Growth


As an American Advocate for a Cleaner Healthier Workplace, HBM Services will work hand in hand to assure you achieve sustainability.

When working with us, you can expect and enjoy the highest levels of service related to all aspects of your national facilities maintenance program. Our people, processes and technology deliver consistent, high-quality facilities service to keep your buildings and grounds looking their best.

  • We Service:


Hyco Building Maintenance has built a reputation for providing accurate commercial cleaning janitorial service throughout Houston Texas and surrounding areas . Our Management team has over 15 years of experience that thrive on getting 100% customer satisfaction each night.

  • Universities|Schools

  • Office Buildings

  • Chemical Plants

  • Stadiums| Event Center

  • Restaurant Cleaning

  • Special Request Cleaning

And we accomplish this by listening closely your expectations,taking a proactive approach in defining your needs, and building the best partnering relationship possible. HYCO commercial cleaning company views it's customers as lifetime partners and delivers dedicated, honest, quality janitorial service at all times no matter what size your facility is. All our products are green certified not just because it sounds good, but we learned it gives our customers the best cleaning results. Our services include Office Cleaning, Janitorial Services, Construction Cleaning, Retail Cleaning, Restaurant Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Pressure Washing, Floor Cleaning, Floor Stripping, Porter Services and Green Cleaning

  • We Listen


We offer short & long term contracts. Our prices are always reasonable.
Our aim for each and every client is utmost satisfaction by being careful, highly efficient and providing them the most professional and friendly services, done by our well trained and uniformed staff.

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